Our journey started in 2007 in Bowling Green, KY when an experienced trucker of 7 years decided to open his own freight carrier company to make his mark in this industry. With just one truck operating at the time, the company grew in matter of a couple of years to a company that now operates more than 50 trucks. In 2014 Greenline Express Inc. was awarded Carrier Of the Year Award in recognition of excellent work and as a prospering business operation. We continue to strive for development, advances and growth in every sector of the industry all the while keeping our customers as our number one priority.

Our team of experts at all levels of our services have years of experience backing them, which adds the credibility of an expert workforce. This also helps us in cutting down response time, and providing punctual delivery and services at all times. Our goal is to make a positive difference in your business through our services, and build long term relationship with you. Our commitment to our clients can be seen by the amount of emphasis we lay on team work, customer support services and making technological upgrades in our logistic process and equipment on a regular basis.


Our mission is to provide premier service to our customers. Our ongoing promise to you is professionalism, integrity, dedication, and personalized service. As times and the industry change we rise to meet those challenges while assisting our customers achieve flexibility, productivity, and increased profit margins.


Our vision captures the essence of who we are. Everything we do flows from our vision of honest and courteous work. We don’t just happen to be a business that sells transportation; it’s what we’re all about. Our vision is about meeting customers’ needs and making transportation an easier, cost effective, more enjoyable and worry-free experience.


Safety And Quality

Fast Nationwide Delivery

Always On Time

Excellent Service